Complicated Onboarding Made Simple

Fast, easy, and mobile. HRCenter reduces the number of hours that go in to satisfying sophisticated customer requirements. That reduces the time you spend doing things like collecting documents, and increases the profit you’re going to have at the end of the day.

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Access anywhere, anytime

Applicants can access HRCenter from your in-house kiosks to their mobile devices and everything in-between. The wizard allows professional and industrial candidates alike to easily navigate through tasks. Your applicants have more power than ever before. Streamlining your front end business operations has never been quicker or easier – it’s your all-in-one applicant solution.

Onboard forms, onboard talent

HRCenter creates and stores I-9s, W-4s, and any other forms your company needs for employee onboarding. It’s completely paperless, with even the signatures verified electronically, and allows you to organize and navigate countless files with ease. It also has approval processes that ensure only the best applicants move on to the next step.

Minimum effort, maximum efficiency

Affiliates are furnished with the entire TempWorks Software technology package: front and back office software, web portals, and time clocks. We also tailor all our systems to your needs, so when your clients demand customizations, you can count on us.

Access applicants, fast

With optional résumé parse and the ability to customize screen quizzes, HRCenter jumpstarts your smart hiring process. All applicants are visible in real time throughout the various stages of the application process, in a user-friendly dashboard.

Pays for itself

Are you properly collecting worker information, such as whether they are a veteran or living in a census-designated poverty area? Every light industrial staffing company should have that information. Qualifying for something like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for example, will actually pay for HRCenter, and then some.

Seamless transitions

Have an existing applicant and onboarding processes? No problem. We create software that builds on your previous systems seamlessly, even adjusting the color schemes to fit your company’s style sheet.

Ready to save time and increase profits with Electronic Onboarding?

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